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Jenny Paddock explaining the importance of native cover and diversity at the 2013 Range Tour.

The Lower Musselshell Conservation District provides private landowners in Golden Valley, Musselshell, and parts of Rosebud county with the tools, education, and resources to implement conservation practices which protect and promote the wise use of our natural resources. We are a partner of the Montana Association of Conservation Districts and the Big Sky Watershed Corps Program. The conservation district works with and provides fiscal sponsorship for the Musselshell Watershed Coalition – an informal partnership of landowners, water users associations, conservation districts, state and federal agencies in the Musselshell Valley. We share an office with the Natural Resource Conservation Service in Roundup, MT and work in partnership with NRCS to promote scientifically sound, local conservation.

The conservation district is overseen by a board of supervisors. These supervisors are elected and volunteer their time. Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month at 7:30 p.m. A part-time administrator to handles the day-to-day operations of the conservation district. The district hosts a Big Sky Watershed Corpsmember who assists with water quality monitoring, education, outreach, and coordination throughout the Musselshell Watershed. The district’s fuel mitigation program is overseen by a part-time forester.

BSWC member, David Stout, conducting salinity monitoring on the Musselshell west of Roundup.

BSWC member, David Stout, conducting salinity monitoring on the Musselshell west of Roundup.

Board of Supervisors

Bill Bergin, Jr. Chair

Shirley Parrott, Vice Chair

Joe Stahl, Supervisor

Dan Olson, Supervisor

Steve Tyrrel, Supervisor

Tim Bruner, Urban Supervisor

Sarah Pratt, Urban Supervisor


Donna Pedrazzi, District Administrator

David Stout, Big Sky Watershed Corpsmember

Sandy Vongries, District Forester

NRCS Staff

Krist Walstad, District Conservationist

Ken Mosdal, Civil Engineer

Reba Ahlgren, Soil Conservation Technician

Danny Pratt, Soil Conservationist

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